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Sunnyvale Art Studio Brice Bowman painting outside of Benicia Studio Brice Bowman with Car Brice Bowman painting
Brice Bowman's store-front art studio in Sunnyvale, California in 1983. He made many very large paintings in this studio, among others. Brice Bowman painting on his painting "Imago" outside of his studio in an old steel mill in Benicia, California. The year of the photograph is 1984. Brice Bowman in the alley area behind his Benicia studio busy loading paintings into a station wagon that he converted to enable him to transport large paintings to bay area exhibitions.

Brice Bowman seen here at work in Berkeley, California in the mid 1980s.

Shattuck Studio Brice Bowman in Berkeley Brice Bowman in the 1980s Brice Bowman in front of his painting
A photograph of  a very significant studio for Brice Bowman at 2571 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, California in the 1980s. He shared this building with Elmer Bischoff. Brice Bowman made hundreds and hundreds of paintings and drawings in this studio. In conversation about art one evening in Berkeley, Calfornia some time during the mid-80s. Visiting with friend's at the home of Lillian McSweeny on Euclid Avenue in Berkeley, California around 1986. Brice Bowman standing in front of his painting "Poetry Center" on the lobby wall of USL in downtown San Francisco, California. USL had recently purchased the painting.
Studio on S. Vignes in Los Angeles Brice in Los Angeles in the summer of 1998 Brice Bowman in Arles Brice in front of St. Victorie
Los Angeles, California studio in the downtown arts district at 120 South Vignes in 1997. Brice Bowman out looking at art galleries in Los Angeles in the Spring of 1998. Brice Bowman in downtown Arles, France during his first visit to France, Ocotober 1998. In Aix-en-Provence, France near Paul Cezanne's studio with Mount Saint Victorie in the background, 1998.
Brice at Arles Cafe pasadena studio work area Brice in VilleFranche Brice in Santa Monica
Brice Bowman sitting at a Cafe in Arles, France 2003. Photograph of a work space area in Pasadena, California in 2004. Brice Bowman standing in the doorway of Jean Cocteau's Chapelle St. Pierre in Menton, France 2006. Brice Bowman enjoying a visit to the beach in Santa Monica, California August 1, 2009.
Brice in Los Feliz Studio wall of drawings detail Brice Bowman Standing in front of drawings Portait of Brice Bowman
Brice Bowman in his Los Feliz, California studio 2009. Photographs and drawings on a wall in Brice Bowman's South Pasadena studio early 2010. Brice Bowman in front of a wall area of his South Pasadena stuido in 2010. Brice Bowman, Los Feliz, California probably 2009.
Digital Work South Pasadena Studio 2009 Brice in Aix in 2010 Brice at St. Victorie in Aix
Close-up of a pencil self-portrait, a digial piece, and a photograph of his maternal grandfather in his South Pasadena Studio - probably 2010. Interior photograph of his South Pasadena stuido in the Summer of 2010 with various artworks on the walls along with arri lights. Brice Bowman in downtown Aix-en-Provence, France in May of 2010. Brice Bowman standing with St. Victorie near by in the background in 2010.
Brice Bowman at Matisse Grave Brice Bowman filming Egress Brice Filming Embrace Brice filming in Arles
Brice Bowman visiting the grave of Henri Matisse in the monastery Cimiez, France in late 2011. Brice Bowman working on his film Egress during 2011- situated between Marseille and Aix in France. Egress was his first film screened in Marseille. Arles, France 2011. Brice Bowman was there working on his two films "Embrace" and "Memory of the Garden", as is seen in the following pictures. Brice Bowman Arles, France during a chilly windy day in 2011.
Brice at work in Arles Brice in field in Arles Brice on windy day in Arles Brice Bowman filming Egress
Brice Bowman in Arles, France in 2011. Brice Bowman in Arles, France in 2011. Brice Bowman in Arles, France in 2011. Working on his film Egress in 2011.
Brice Bowman filming at Van Gogh Bridge Brice on cold day in Arles Brice filming The Poetry of Mixed Emotions Work Space for 8mm films
Brice Bowman in Arles filming at the Langlois Bridge in 2012. This is the bridge Vincent Van Gogh made famous in his drawings and paintings which he did in 1888. Brice Bowman in Arles, France taking a break from filming on a cold day in January 2012 Brice Bowman working on his film "The Poetry of Mixed Emotions" (2012) in La Villa Santo Sospir made famous by Jean Cocteau with his drawings and paintings done directly on the walls of Francine Weisweille's villa. Part of the workspace area Brice Bowman set up during 2015 in the San Francisco bay area as he worked on five different 8mm films (which includes his highly regarded film "SAND"). After the conclusion of this series of films he returned to Marseille, France.
Brice Bowman at work editing his film "Fallen Snow" in late December 2018, Long Beach, California. Brice Bowman holding his Bolex 16mm Rex 5 March 20, 2019, Long Beach, California. Late at night working on his 50th film May 2019 Long Beach, California.  

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