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June 10. Born (Brice Stanley Jordan) in Jackson County, Kansas City, Missouri, United States. Residence: 1429 Madison Street.


Lived in Independence, Missouri, Buford, Georgia, Sugar Hill, Georgia in poverty.


His Aunt Margie and Uncle Floyd Brown drove to Missouri to pick him up and take him to Napa, California. He lived with his aunt and uncle on Fostor Road for a few months before moving to a permanent address in Napa after the remainder of his family arrived from Missouri.


Attended Irene M. Snow elementary. Interest in art began. Lived at 500 Kent Street in Napa. Last name was changed from Jordan to Bowman due to remarriage of mother.

Summer 1962. Spent two months in Los Angeles (Huntington Beach) for the fist time. This trip would influence for the rest of his life.


Attended Ridgeview Junior High School (7th, 8th, and half of 9th) and Silverado Junior High School (last half of 9th). All during Jr. High Brice Bowman made a lot of acrylic paintings and pencil drawings in his spare time. But he did not take art classes in school. However, he did spend time reading "How To" drawing and painting books in a local art store.


Attended Napa Senior High School (10th, 11th, 12th) where he excelled in art. As a junior while in a Humanities class he decided to live his life as an artist. Lived at 494 Franklin Street in Napa and on Silverado Trail. These are powerful formative years for Brice Bowman developing a strong desire to create and independent spirit. He made acrylic paintings on just about any surface he could find: wood, cardboard, paper, canvas board. He also made a lot of large collages. He read every art history book he could find spending a lot of time in the school and city library.



June 13. Graduated from Napa Senior High School in Napa, California.

October 8. Enlisted in the United States Navy, during the Vietnam War. Place of entry Vallejo, California.

Attended Bootcamp for three months at the United States Naval Traning Center in San Diego, California. Company 668, selected to be the Master at Arms during bootcamp by Company Commander J. D. Cruz.


January 22 - April 30. Attended Hospital Corpsman School at the Naval Station at Great Lakes, Illinois.

April 30. Transferred to Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Virginia.
At this time Brice Bowman was quite religious. He studied the Bible, Greek, and was always working on a new Drawing.

He attened a very small local church in Portsmouth Virginia. The pastor was a man named Tom Bailey. His wife was named Sue. The three eventuall became very good friends. Brice Bowman would spend weekends at their home. When the Navy restationed him to Taiwan he left Virginia and never saw them again.


July. U.S. Navy transferred him from Portsmough, Virginia to Taipei, Taiwan to work at the U.S. Naval Hospital. He loved being in Taipei and while in there he took University of Maryland extension classes in the evening studying in preparation to go to college after serving in the Navy.
In addition, Brice Bowman also studied drawing in his spare time with a local Chinese artist named Milo Chang. He spent a lot of time with this family out side of has Naval Duties.
In addition to all of this he studied Mandarin Chinese at a local Taipei Language Institute. This launched his interest in languages (Chinese, Farsi, French).

Books were inexpensive in Taipei so he read a lot of books, mostly Tolstoy, Doystoyevski, and Hesse novels.
In Taiwan Brice Bowman had a marvelous time exploring a different culture than the United States. This had a profound impact on him and how he approached life.

1973 - 1974

February 2. Honorable Discharged from U.S. Navy.

Rented small one-bedroom apartment in Yountville, California and lived alone.

March 15. Taking advantage of the G.I. Bill and during a beautiful flowery Spring He enrolled in Napa College where he studied Art and Music.
At Napa College he received a lot of recognition for his paintings and drawings, as well as his drive to study.
At Napa College he worked in the Veteran's Affairs Office helping other veteranns enroll in school. In this office he met his friend Larry Waggoner (writer).

Regarding his name, During his stay in Taipei he stopped correcting people when they referred to him as Brice rather than by his middle name Stan. And thus all through college he was referred to as Brice and it stuck; particularly after he started exhibiting his art under the name Brice Bowman.


Responded to an ad on a Community Board by a local woman named Judy with a house near the campus wanting to rent out a room in her house, which Brice Bowman rented. They were both night owls.

March 21. Graduated from Napa College with an A.A. Degree in Art, but he decided to continue taking classes at Napa College for better preparation in Art.



September. Began Art studies at San Francicso State University under the instruction of Robert Bechtle (and Richard McClean). The SFSU department focused on PhotoRealism.
His friend Larry Waggoner had also at this time transferred to SFSU as an English Major.

Brice Bowman lived in Mary Ward Hall on campus for a year, then moved off campus to an apartment in downtown San Francisco.



January 13. Graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.A. Degree in Art with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing, achieving one of his goals from his youth.

... while studying Art at SFSU he also continued his studies in Mandarin Chinese.

1979 - 1980

Remained living in San Francisco after graduating from SFSU making PhotoRealistic paintings for awhile longer, which he had studied at SFSU. But gradaully within a year after graduating from SFSU he became unconvinced of PhotoRealism and shifted towards Abstract Expressionism.

Me moved to Palo Alto. to live for awhile. He commuted on a train to San Francisco each day working as a bookkeeper supervisor at Blue Shield at 720 California street.

While working at Blue Shield Brice Bowman made almost daily visits to the Hansen-Fuller-Goldeen gallery at 228 Grant on his walk to the train station heading home to Palo Alto. In this gallery he became intriqued with the work of Robert Arneson. (Later on, interestingly he became friends with Bob Arneson after opening a studio in Benicia, Caliornia subsequent to his graduating with MA in Art.)


September. Began his Graduate studies in Art at Sacramento State University under the guidance of Oliver Jackson. He immediately received recognition for his paintings and overall hard working approach to painting making an incredible number of paintings.

His car had overheated destroying it , so for awhile he was riding a bike back and forth to school. One of his teachers, Irving Marcus offered to trade his Ford station-wagon in trade for painting his studio in Oakland. This is how Brice Bowman acquired the car he converted and used in Benicia to transport his paintings back and forth to art exhibitions. Brice Bowman had a compressor and used to paint apartments inside and outside for extra money.

Painted: Primary, Commercial Latex on Unstretched Canvas, 108 x 144 inches hung using groments.



December 23. Granted M.A. Degree in Painting and Drawing with highest honors from California State University, at Sacramento.

During Graduate school work he worked as an apartment manager to help pay the rent.

Painted: Fixation, Acrylic on Canvas, 84 x 126 inches

Exhibition: California State University Robert Else Gallery, Graduate Group Show, Sacramento, California, United States


January. Moved to Benicia, California and opened a studio at East H Street in an old steel mill, which he rented from Ludell Deutcher. His first painting done here was "Imbibe", a very large oil painting that was exhibited nationally in many art shows by Henry Hopkins the director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

In Benicia: significant readings on ideas of Sigmend Freud, Carl Jung, and writers on Abstract Expressionism.

First teaching job, a painting course during the Winter quarter at Napa College. 

During March of this year he accepted a teaching job at Solano College; where he taught painting and other art classes for 16 years (before moving to Los Angeles to teach art there).

Painted: Imbibe, Oil on Canvas, 72 x 78 inches

Exhibition: San Francisco Arts Commission, Northern California Arts Competition, San Francisco, California, United States


Opened a studio in San Francisco on Bush street (around the cornor from Hansen-Fuller-Goldeen Gallery at 228 Grant).

Also opened a studio at 2571 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley where he shared the building with a painting friend Elmer Bischoff; both working long hours in the studio.

Work in more and more national painting exhibitions juried by such people as Henry Hopkins, the director of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Graham Beal, the painting curator for the SFMOMA.

Visited New York to meet up with his (Benicia) artist friend Lee Champagne where he had one-person show with his neon sculpture.

Painted: Jetsam, Oil on Canvas, 95 x 80 inches

Jewish Center of Houston, 20th Annual National Art Exhibition, Houston, Texas, United States


Important well reviewed art show: Berkeley Art Center, Bay Area Modernism: Success or Failure 1986 which included Jay Defeo and Brice Bowman among a few others. From this show Brice and Jay become extremely good friends visiting each other regularly right up until Jay's untimely passing.

Work included in Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Texas Fine Arts Association, New American Talent, Austin, Texas, United States juried by SFMOMA director Henry Hopkins.

SF Bay Area Exhibition: Berkeley Art Center, Bay Area Modernism: Success or Failure, Berkeley, California, United States

Painted: PMA #1, Oil on Canvas, 60 x 48 inches


Altogether Brice Bowman's paintings were in seven art shows this year two were out of state nationally juried exhibitions by Graham Beal and Henry Hopkins.

Also in the San Francisco bay area his work was part of three-person show at the Jeremy Stone Gallery titled "Introductions 87",

Painted: Van Gogh Stare, Oil on Canvas, 60 x 48 inches



Exhibition: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Rental Gallery exhibition "New Works on Canvas", San Francisco, California, Unites States

During this time Brice Bowman was making frequent trips to Los Angeles to see art shows.

Painted: Companion, Oil on Canvas, 60 x 48 inches


November 11. His very close friend Jay Defeo died.

This year marks a shift after a large number of important paintings done between 1984 and 1988 Brice Bowman began place a board behind his stretched canvases to enable him to sand down the surfaces of his paintings and draw on them with graphite sticks.

Painted: Landscape with Tape, Watercolor, and tape on paper, 46 x 57 inches 

Exhibition: Laguna Gloria Art Museum, New Art Paintings from New York, Texas and California, Austin, Texas, United States



Closed both studios in San Francisco and Berkeley and moved his studio back to Benicia working briefly out of his place at 1416 Military West but soon moved to 1894 Shirley Drive where he lived until moving his studio to Los Angeles in the late 90s.

Painted: Art Horizons, Oil and Graphite on Canvas, 72 x 84 inches

San Diego Museum of Art, 1990 All-California Open Juried Exhibition, San Diego, California, United States



March 2. His friend Elmer Bischoff died.

Work included in an exhibition in Buffalo, New York, United States.

Painted: Reception, Oil and Fraphite on Canvas, 65 x 80 inches

Exhibition: Clary-Miner Gallery, Art Trends-International Competition, Buffalo, New York, United States.


1991 - 1992

Studied Architecture at Diablo Valley College and worked part-time as a draftsman in addition to teaching art at Solano College.

Exhibition: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Museum Gallery, "Works on Paper", San Francisco, California, United States.





From his experiences in using ArchiCad to make architectural drawings he studied Photoshop to prepare to use this software to make digital art.



During this period Brice Bowman made several large paintings working on them for close to a years time on each one as he was contemplating spending time make videos.

Painted: Poetry Center, Oil and Graphite on Canvas, 58 x 78 inches.




Last painting from this era "Poetry Center" purchased by USL.

During this year Brice Bowman made important digital pieces done laying the ground work for future work.

Exhibition: USL Capital Corporation, New Acquisitions, San Francisco, California, United States.


June 8. Resigned from Solano College moved to Los Angeles.
Rented a studio at 120 S. Vignes Street in the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles.

Exhibited Digital Art for the first time in a show in Los Angeles titled "DADA Exhibition, Downtown Artists".

It was at this time that Brice Bowman began studying filmmaking (self-taught).


Moved to Glendale, California where she lived.
He made a lot of digital art and exhibited it nationally and internationally in Europe.
He visited Cannes, France and made his first visit to Paul Cezanne's studio in Aix-en-Provence. He also made his first trip Italy.

Made his first video: "Transitional Construction", 2 mins 53 secs

His work was included in 9 exhibitions and screenings which included painting, digital art, photography.

Exhibition: Center for the Visaul Arts, Artbytes Digital Visual Art Exhibition, Oakland, California, United States


Brice Bowman's teaching job in Los Angeles was teaching Photoshop and Illustrator for the Electronic Arts Academy at a few different locations in the city including Watts Tower. A jobe he truly enjoyed but the Academy lost its funding after a year, and Brice Bowman not long afterwards accepted teaching position at the Art Institute of Los Angeles where he taught also taught digital art classes.
In his own time outside of the classroom he continued to develop his digital art.

By this time he had moved to Pasadena, California.


Studied and learned a tweleve different computer software programs and began teaching much of it (e.g., Photoshop, JavaScript, HTML, Flash, Dreamweaver, Primier,) for the next eleven years.

His video "Transitional Construction" was screened in Italy for Brice Bowman's first international exhibition, and first moving image screening. A 2-D digital piece was also exhibited in Spain.

Exhibition: Zemo, ZEMOS98-2 Exposition, El Viso del Alcor, Sevilla, Spain


Digital art exhibited in Spain and Italy.

All togehter seven exhibitions outside of the United States this year.

Exhibition-Screening: The XX National Independent Film and Video Festival, Electronic-Poetry Visions International Video-Visual Poetry, Rome, Italy

2002- 2003

Tranisitional Construction continues to be widely screened in Europeon cities.

He finished his first film "Doll with hole" a black and white regular 8mm, 5 min. 23 sec. shot on a variety of 8mm movie cameras.

Exhibition: Le Musee di-visioniste, Featured Artists series, Brice Bowman, Irina Paskali, Max Hattler, Jaka Zelesnikar, Denmark. (2002)

Screening: Rome University I, "La Sapienza-Gates", Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy (2003)

2004 - 2005

Made three 16mm films "Forced Development", 2004, "Continuance Which Causes", 2004, and "And Implications", 2005.


Spent this year story boarding out his ideas for a film he would title "Adieu Le Belle" about among many other things the process of an artist changing medias and the life of a piece of art's life beyond the life of the artist.

Moved Los Feliz, California for one year.

Screened his short film "Doll with Hole" at New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, New York City, New York


Moved from studio in Los Feliz to Glendale, California where he finished film "Adieu le Belle", 16mm, 9 mins. 28 secs.


Spent this year storyboarding a 16mm film that he would subsequently title "Images of the Sleeper".
Moved from Los Feliz to South Pasadena, California.

Photograph: View Through Fence


Spent this entire year shooting and editing footage for "Images of the Sleeper", 16mm, 13 mins. 19 secs.

Per a couple of friends insistence uploaded Adieu le Belle and Images of the Sleeper to Vimeo, and joined Facebook. Immediately opened up a connection to Europe with other like-minded people interested in art and experimental cinema.




Retrospective of his films in the Atomino Experimental Art Festival, Crimmitschau, Germany.

Brice Bowman made three trips to Vitrolles, France and region which included Aix-en-Provence, Arles, and Marseille. These visits would have a tremendous influence on him and his work. Soon he would begin screening many of his films in Marseille.

In Vitrolles, Aix, Arles, and Marseille region Brice Bowman shot a variety of footage for films and took hundreds of photographs.



Based in South Pasadena, California, but during these years he made many long visits to France (usually Marseille) where he made nine films. It was during these long stays in France that he strongly considered immigrating to France but ultimately decided to remain in the United States.

Film: The Poetry of Mixed Emotioins, 1hr. 59 mins. 11 sec. (2011)

Films: The Tears of Man Ray, (2012) 5 mins. 31 secs.

The Shores of Carry, (2013) 45 mins. 59 sec.

Hero Weather, (2014) 5 mins. 7 sec.

Sand, (2015) 8mm, 8 mins. 34 secs.

Screenings: Festival Images Contre Nature, International Festival of Experimental Video, Association P'Silo, Marseille, France (2012,2013,2014,2015)


Returned to making paintings in the Spring of 2016.


Picked up by Canyon Cinema Foundation in San Francisco, California to distribute his films and videos (43 made by the end of 2017.

Screenings: MAC Underground Film Festival. Manaus, Brazil (2016)
ANALOGICA SELECTION 7 Film Festival, Bolzano, Italy.(2017)


March 28th, SAND included in "SHINE A LIGHT, A NIGHT OF EXPERIMENTAL CINEMA" Curated by Light Cone and Juliana Borinski at Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles.

Continued work on Painting and Drawing studies referencing Paul Cezanne's "Bay of Marseille seen from L'Estaque".

Stayed for a month in the northern California East Bay.

SAND was screened in France, Canada, Portugal,Seattle and Los Angeles.


Finished new film "Reflective Representation, 16mm".

Made numerous Painting and Drawings in addition to making another new film.
Moved back to Northern California in December. Survived a violent head-on car crash right after arrving back in northern California.


Made a lot of Paintings and Drawings.

SAND continues to be screened in excellent venues.

Finished a new film.
"Reflective Representation", wgucg was immediately screened at: Experiments in Cinema International Film Festival, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA


New film: "Duration" screened in Florance Italy. Duration was finished in late November 2021. And in January 2022 Duration received an Award: Best Experimental Short Film in a festival in Chili.